Inpatient Alcohol Detox Centers

If you need to consume alcohol just to feel normal, then you likely need help. Getting through alcohol detox isn’t just a matter of willpower, and stopping without at least inpatient medical detox help is never recommended. In some cases, withdrawal can put your life at risk. Even when it’s not life ending serious, it’s still a big challenge.

In addition to the physical illness and confusion, there is often an emotional element of fear and anxiety as an alcoholic comes to grips with the physical reality of their addiction and the necessity of getting sober. alcohol detox Treatment should always start with medically supervised detox or the professional treatment of withdrawal symptoms and be followed by a structured plan of counseling to treat the underlying causes of addiction.

How many days is inpatient detox? 

When addicts talk about detox, they’re typically referring to one of two things: the act of detoxing from a substance or an inpatient alcohol detox facility. Detoxing from drugs or alcohol involves clearing the body of substances and managing any withdrawal symptoms that occur. The entire process may take anywhere from a few days to several months. For instance, alcohol leaves the body after a few days but detoxing from cravings may take much longer. How long detox takes depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Which drug was abused
  • If multiple drugs were being abused
  • How often the user abused the substance on a daily basis
  • How much of the substance the user took

In most cases, medical detox from alcohol lasts for five to seven days.

How you spend your time Your Time At An Alcohol Treatment Facility? 

Entering a medical detox facility is a person’s first and most important step in their addiction treatment process. During the detoxification process an individual will go through a physical and mental withdrawal from drugs and or alcohol. Symptoms vary depending on the individual. 

For Patients experiencing alcohol dependence, there will be a variety of withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms include nausea, diarrhea , dehydration , fatigue, restlessness, , insomnia. These physical symptoms are often accompanied by psychological and spiritual symptoms including anxiety, depression , guilt, shame, irritability and remorse. To manage these severe side effects patients will be medically evaluated by the doctor and placed on a number of medications which are tailored to the client’s specific needs. At Neuro Psychiatric Addiction Clinic in Port Saint Lucie , FL we provide the top rated alcohol detox programs in Florida