Donate to the Arizona College Scholarship Foundation!

We know that money alone will not create college-bound students. That's why ACSF not only provides much needed financial assistance for low income, college-bound students, but also provides support services to scholars through their college years.

As the working world becomes increasingly more competitive, the adults of tomorrow will have to invest in higher education.

ACSF Mission: To increase the number of baccalaureate and other advanced degree holders in the State of Arizona by providing scholarships and mentoring to high potential, low income students.

The organization provides:

  • College Scholarships

    ACSF is committed to providing the state's largest pool of private scholarship dollars for high potential/ low income students. Partnerships with individuals, corporations, government, philanthropists and foundations will continue to create a significant fund to support Arizona's students in need.                

  • Comprehensive On-Campus Support Services

    Once in college, ACSF scholars have access to a network of support services, including:
    • Coaching sessions with ACSF staff throughout the semester
    • Regular trainings/workshops
    • Connections to on campus resources   
  • Annual Leadership Symposium

    Each year, ACSF hosts an all-day leadership conference. The event is dedicated to educating the current scholars on the latest trends related to Arizona's economic forecast, business and industry. The goal of this event is to help develop and prepare ACSF scholars to be the future workforce in the state of Arizona.

Eligible students must be recommended by ACSF partner organizations.